Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shoes, pain and mental strength

Ran another five miles in the new Sauconys today. Still feel good. The real test is Saturday's 15 miles. But from what I hear, it is normal to get sore feet during a marathon. I'm pretending I don't know that.

I need to come up with some strategies to stay in a positive frame of mind even when my feet hurt and I don't feel like running anymore. I am going to finish this marathon, damn it. And it would be a bonus if I actually have fun instead of treating it like a death march.


Black Bear! said...

Just try to think about how much your knees hurt, then you will forget about how much your feet hurt... LOL Wiggle your toes a little probably I tend to grip mine as I get tired, so I try to spread them and concentrate on relaxing them in my shoes.

j/k. If you know stuff is going to hurt, it makes it easier. You have to do an all over body check frequently late in the race. "heart, check. Lungs, check. knees, check (still there), Still moving, check." Find something to repeat in your head that keeps you moving... I use stuff like "Cmon it's not like I'm getting off a boat on Omaha beach in 1944" and "It's just like walking, only faster." and "eff you wall, is that all ya got? I can beat you down like a red headed stepchild"

They say: Run the first 18 miles with your legs, and the next 8 with your lungs and the last 0.2 with your heart.

Are you getting crazy yet? I like that you're doing a 15 miler now.

Cathy said...

Argh, blogger just ate my comment. I love your phrases and I may write those down to carry with me during the race. I will also use the phrase "You just have to get through this and then you never have to run this far again!" :)

I'm not getting crazy yet. My running volume is going to be down about 12 miles this week compared to last week. So I kind of feel like I'm not running enough but I'm in the range my schedule calls for so I won't freak out. Tomorrow's 15 miler is the most important run for this week anyway.

desertrunnergirl said...

Black Bear, you always have GREAT advice!