Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now the taper really begins

I have the Bayshore half marathon coming up next Saturday. I had a pathetic week of running this week. Between Monday and Friday I think I only logged 8 miles. I know I should be tapering, but come on! That's just ridiculous. I was busy all day Saturday so I didn't run then.

This morning I headed out to the park with Vicki. She had 11 miles scheduled. I was planning to do six. My six ended up a little longer because I needed to sidetrack to a restroom after about four miles. Embarrassing! And then when we got to the end of the loop I felt good so I tacked on another half mile. Ended up at seven total for the day. It felt good. Now I won't run more than three at a time for the rest of the week. Friday will be a day off.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather in Traverse City next weekend. :)


Black Bear! said...

Wahooo! Happy happy tapering! A famous guest star makes an appearance in my race report today.

Do they have live tracking at Bayshore?

Cathy said...

Hmm, I don't know if they have live tracking at Bayshore. It doesn't say anything about it on the Bayshore website so probably not. But I'll have my laptop with me and I'll post an update as soon as I can. Just don't expect me to get a PR this time!

Black Bear! said...

I expect great things from you! If nothing else, at least a funny Report out. DFL, I'm still laughing about that one. 2 years ago I was a late-race pacer for the DFL person at Detroit Marathon. No joke.

And are you doing the wine tour up there as well?

Cathy said...

No wine tour for me. My boyfriend and I are not wine drinkers. May check out a couple of the brew pubs, though, because we do like beer!

Wow, pacer for the DFL person. I always wonder who is DFL and how they feel about it. Was this person happy to finish or upset about being last?

Black Bear! said...

My friend paced a family friend from Chicago, her first was to be the Chicago 2007 meltdown cancellation, so 2 weeks later she did Detroit. The bus was behind her from 19 on. And then Jim and I were standing there at 24.5, and there was a lone guy who looked like he was dying coming AFTER THE BUS, so I guided him through the Greektown maze through the finish. He had a thigh cramp or something.

The course was all rolled up, I was blocking pedestrians going to lunch as we running through Greektown ("runner coming through, runner coming through"). The mats were gone, but I managed to grab him a medal and some water. He was so delirious when I saw him, I knew he'd get totally lost finding the finish line. (The last mile has lots of turns through greektown)

I remember he still had his shoe chip on, it probably cost him $30. LOL My other friend from Chicago, she didn't care that she was officially DFL, because she knew I was behind her with this guy LMAO. Look her up, 2007 Detroit

Cathy said...

Wow, what a great story! That was so nice of you to help that guy finish. My only goal for Detroit this year is not to be DFL. I don't even care how slow I am, I just don't want to get passed by the bus!

Black Bear! said...

Congrats on your time! This is a big PR, is it not? I couldn't wait for you to post, so I had to peek at the online results.