Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rounding out the week

I'm so lazy about blogging lately. But I've still been running!

Last Saturday afternoon after the trail race, David and I went to Stony Creek to hike on the nature trails. We managed to get caught in a rainstorm and I twisted my ankle in my rush to get back to the car. How nice that I can actually fall during a trail race without injury, yet I can't do a simple nature hike without hurting myself! My ankle was a bit sore for a few days, but nothing too bad. Certainly not enough to keep me from running.

On Sunday, we headed out to the bike/walk path at Stony Creek to do David's "couch to 5k" training plan. After we did that (about 2 miles), I was going to run out the rest of the 6-mile loop and David was going to walk it. When I got to the 5.5 mile mark, it started raining. Then it started raining pretty hard. So I was fairly well drenched by the time I got back to the car and called David to let him know I'd come pick him up. Unfortunately, the road set-up wasn't too cooperative so I had to do some goofy backtracking to get to David and he was soaked. Ugh, I felt bad about that.

Monday morning I got up early and did a lovely 5-mile run around David's neighborhood. I'm so happy that it's getting light out earlier now so I don't get all creeped out by early morning runs outside. It's nice to get away from the treadmill.

But speaking of the treadmill, on Tuesday and Wednesday it was back on the ol' belt of boredom to get my runs in because it was rainy and I'm a wimp! I took Thursday and Friday entirely off from any kind of exercise because I was feeling tired and my legs were a little dead. And frankly, I'm lazy so really that's my main reason for taking days off.

Today I met Sue, a former Team in Training mentor, to do a long run in Oxford. My regular running buddy Vicki is in Cincinnati this weekend for the Flying Pig half marathon and Sue was kind enough to invite me to run with her group of friends who usually meet on the weekends. Sue needed to get a good long run in, too, because she's also running the Bayshore half in a few weeks and her friends usually don't go more than 5 miles.

So Sue and I intended to get 12 in, but the route she chose ended up with us back at our cars after 11 1/4. We called it close enough because my legs were pretty sore anyway. But in a little while, David and I will hit the streets for his couch to 5k training so that will get me a couple of more miles, anyway. Then we're off to the Green Street Fair in Plymouth to walk around and then we'll probably hike at Maybury State Park. Gotta take advantage of the good weather and spend some time outside! Hoping not to get caught in a rainstorm this weekend. :)


Black Bear! said...

Wellllll.......How many more days until Bayshore? Are you tapering yet?

Cathy said...

Bayshore is in 11 days! I guess I'm tapering, mostly because I'm feeling really lazy and don't feel like running much. Definitely won't run longer than 6 between now and Bayshore, anyway. I need to do a new post about the race I just did in Boulder on Sunday!

Black Bear! said...

Wait did you do the Boulder Bolder? Or whatever it's called in CO?
I require a Race Report pronto!