Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tonight's running class

Blah, tonight's running class was really disappointing. First of all, it's freaking hot out there - 90+ degrees. I prefer to run at 6am when it's not so gross outside yet. But I didn't run this morning because I knew I had the class tonight.

So we get to the class and all they did was send us out to the streets to run 4-6 miles! The two coaches took off with the fast runners and left us slower people behind. What a waste! If I'd known that's what we'd be doing, I would have run this morning and skipped the class. Seriously, what am I paying for here? I hope it's better next week. They say they will give us our personalized training schedules next week.

After the running portion of the evening, we went into the running store and they gave us a seminar about choosing proper shoes and socks. Interesting stuff, I guess, if you were brand new to running. Personally, I didn't learn anything new.

Blah! I am whiny today!


chris mcpeake said...

You should really try and find yourself a good running club that is inclusive of all levels. These classes sound like a cash grab. Coaches leaving runners behind in a paid class is BS. Best thing I ever did is join a club.

Black Bear! said...

Hold off on the judgment until you see the personalized running plan they give you. I'd be very interested to see that.

I may look into the heart of the hills, I have never run that, but feel really out of shape, not haven't run much in about a month. but tomorrow, I think I'll do 3 miler or something.