Saturday, September 26, 2009

20 Miler

I ran 20 miles today. Holy crap, that was hard! I spent the last five miles telling myself that I was going to back out of this whole crazy marathon idea. Then I finally finished the 20 miles and took some Aleve and felt better, and I realized that after all this fricking training I have to find a way to get through the marathon.

But seriously, why do my legs have to get so damn sore? Gah. I'm good through 14 or 15 miles and then I get really sore and I want to give up. I'm definitely having issues with the mental aspect of running long distances. I need to figure out a solution before the marathon on October 18th.

I'm just going to tell myself that after the taper my legs will feel nice and fresh for marathon day, so it will seem easier. Please, nobody disabuse me of that notion. It's all I have to hang on to right now!


Black Bear! said...

Ah yessssss, the famed 20 is in the books. WOOHOOO Okay, the trick I found is to squeeze 2 LR's like that in your schedule. I always find the last few miles (anytime I crack a new distance) difficult. Until the 2nd time I do it. Then it seems okay.

Let the taper begin! And don't shake anyone's flu-infested hands in the next 3 weeks. LOL

Cathy said...

Hmmm, too late to fit in another 20 miler so I guess I'll just have to pray for survival on marathon day! I realized last night that it's more sore feet than sore legs. My legs do get really sore but it's my feet that really make me want to quit. Possibly I'm wearing the wrong shoes or possibly it's just that I weigh 180 pounds and that's a lot of weight and pounding for my poor feet. I may hit Hanson's today and see what they can suggest. Not too late to break in a new pair of shoes!

I will bathe in antibacterial gel for the next three weeks. :)

Black Bear! said...

WTF - you are too funny! You NEED some new shoes. TREAT!!! Get some cool fast-looking ones. Perfect time to break em in for race day. I am eyeing up these ones called ASICS speedstar.

Oh, what I meant was did you ever notice how every time you hit a new distance, the old one doesn't seem so long?...That is how you will feel on race day. 20 is old hat now. Did you EVER think 14 would sound EASY?

Cathy said...

Ha, 14 miles still doesn't sound easy to me. But definitely easier than 20!

I love my current shoes (Adidas Supernova Sequence) and they are great for anything up to a half marathon, but beyond that the foot soreness is ridiculous. The ones I wore yesterday only had about 60 miles on them so they definitely weren't worn out. I will see about getting new shoes today.

Annette said...

Sore feet and legs are pretty normal. I have a problem with sore feet on every long run over 13-15 miles :(

I have always felt that it is my head that causes me the most problems!! but I know you will do great in your Marathon!! Start off easy and be diligent about your nutrition and hydration and you will do great!

Cathy said...

Annette, it's totally depressing to think that I'm just going to have to live with the sore feet during the marathon. I do agree about it being more the head than the body, though. When my feet start hurting, I get a defeatist attitude. I have to figure out a way to stay positive and ignore the soreness.

Annette said...

talk to people... In the Nashville Marathon I made so many "friends" along the way and that was by far the funnest Marathon I have run so far.

Don't be depressed about sore feet, hopefully the new shoes will make a big difference!! Everyone is different and the reason I told you about my sore feet was so you wouldn't think there was something wrong with yours! LOL