Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday stuff

This morning I met some people from the running club at 7am for a run. More specifically, I was running with my buddy Joanne. We did six miles. I wore the Saucony Omnis for the first time and they felt good. I will say that I was somewhat aware of my inner ankles (the problem area) after the run, but it didn't hurt and it feels much better than after I did the 7 mile run two weeks ago.

I forgot to ice after the run, because I was cold and just wanted to get into a hot shower and then I had somewhere I needed to go. Whoops. I'll do better next time.

This afternoon, David and I went to walk around at an art fair and I wore the orthotics for two hours. They're very comfortable, but by the end of the two hours my feet were feeling tired. The tiredness resolved itself after I removed the orthotics from my shoes. I definitely see why the doctor told me to build up to wearing them. It takes some getting used to.

Yesterday I registered for the ING Miami Half Marathon, which takes place on 1/30/11. I haven't ever been to Miami, and David has never been to Florida, so I'm pretty excited about it. It will be good to escape the Michigan winter for a few days! I have a couple of friends who sound interested in running the race, as well, so it will be a good time!


Black Bear! said...

ING here she comes....Hope your ankles are getting better.

Will said...

Keep the faith. Runner cures all ills! Just be patient with it.