Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The value of setting goals

Yesterday I had a little lesson in the importance of goal setting, at least for me. I was due to run 3 miles. I got up at 5am, with a plan to run after work. After work, I was tired. The gym was crowded. I almost turned around and left when I saw how jammed the parking lot was. But I sucked it up and went in.

Got on the treadmill and just felt too lazy to run so I thought about walking my 3 miles instead. But then I remembered that I set a goal to run 1,000 miles in 2009. So I ran the 3 miles, and of course felt great when I was done. But if I didn't have that 1,000 mile goal I might not have run yesterday. Goals are good!

And I got up early today and ran another three miles before work. :)


Jen Chinn said...

Hey Cathy,

Just saw the out of office and realized you were at your race this weekend. Have a fabulous time! Go Team!!!

Had to find your blog again so I could wish you luck - and read the last few entries. Wow, you are doing fabulous. Come tell me how the race was when you get back.

Wendy said...

Today is the day!!!!


You are in my prayers and I am cheering you on.

run... walk... run...
You can do it!


Annette said...

Way to get it done!!! Goals are great, I think that is part of why I got hooked on Marathons I know I can't skip a run when I'm training!