Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010 Racing Madness

I set a goal for 2010 of running 1,200 miles (because that's what I did in 2009) and running six races of half marathon length or longer (again, that's what I did in 2009).

I'm currently a little behind the pace for the 1,200 mile goal, due to being exceptionally lazy in April and May, but I'm working on getting caught up. And I think I'm going to over-achieve on the six half marathons thing. As I mentioned in my last post, I've done four half marathons this year. And I have a bunch more races on the schedule.

6/19 Cheesetown Challenge 5 Mile
6/26 Solstice Run 10 Mile
7/31 The Legend 5 Mile
9/4 Labor Day 30K
10/3 Twin Cities Marathon
10/17 Freep Half Marathon
11/7 New York Marathon

Check out those last four - they're all half marathon or longer, so if I manage to complete these races then I'll surpass my goal by two races.

The Labor Day 30K is a race that made me cry last year, so I'm determined to kick its ass this time around. Must do more hill training! I'm hoping that my friend Megan is going to come run it with me.

The New York Marathon is going to be a crazy dream come true. My friends Wendy and Ken had an automatic in since they've participated in the lottery for the last three years without getting selected. So when Wendy suggested I throw my name into the lottery, I figured "what the heck" and did it.

I'll admit that I was sort of hoping I wouldn't get selected, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to train for a marathon this year. I am naturally lazy, after all! But indeed, I was chosen in the lottery and how could I turn down such a fabulous opportunity? Sure, the trip to New York will cost me approximately a million dollars, but what a wonderful experience it will be. And I'm excited to have a chance to run with Wendy and Ken again. Let's hope I can keep up this time!

The Twin Cities Marathon that's a mere five weeks before NYC? Yeah, not 100% sure about that one yet. I'm registered for the race (and good thing, because it's sold out now), but I don't know if I can handle two marathons that close together. Actually, I take that back. I CAN handle two marathons that close together, but I am fundamentally lazy. Which makes me realize that I have to do it. Laziness must not prevail!

The reason I was drawn to Twin Cities is because I have a friend who will be running it as her very first marathon and I'd love to be there to support her. I know how much it meant to me to have friends run my first marathon with me and I would love to give my friend similar support - even though I'm quite sure she'll beat me to the finish line. So hey, maybe she can hang out at the finish and give me support when I creak across the line. :) Do you hear me, Megan? I expect you to wait at the finish for me!


desertrunnergirl said...

I didn't realize you had another full marathon just a month before NYC!! Wow you rockstar stud. That is so nice of you to support Megan in her first marathon. You're a good friend!

So glad to see the blog updated - I love reading about your running adventures. Keep it up!

Cathy said...

Still totally on the fence about Twin Cities. I didn't talk about it until this blog post because I still think it may be sort of crazy.

desertrunnergirl said...

You can wait until it's much closer and see how you feel. With your busy race schedule, there would be no shame in skipping it. Would you still go?