Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brushing off the dust!

Poor little blog, abandoned for almost eight months. I may be ready to brush off the dust and cobwebs, and start posting again. Some day when I'm old, I may enjoy reading back on the days when I was able to run.

Though it might appear so from the lack of activity here, I didn't actually quit running after completing the marathon in October. In fact, I've run quite a few races since then:

10/24/09 - Headless Horseman 5K
10/31/09 - Fright Night 5K
12/12/09 - Run Like the Dickens 5K
2/7/10 - Surf City Half Marathon
4/10/10 - Martian Half Marathon
5/21/10 - Fargo 5K
5/22/10 - Fargo Half Marathon
5/29/10 - Bayshore Half Marathon
6/5/10 - Oak Apple 10K
6/12/10 - Flirt with Dirt 5K

No race reports to follow. I'm far too lazy to go back and try to remember what happened at all of those races. I can barely remember the details five minutes after the race is done. But I will say, the Fargo races are HIGHLY recommended - especially if you love a course that really is flat!

So, that's it for now, but I won't be a stranger to the blog anymore and I'll be back soon enough to post about exciting upcoming events!

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Annette said...

YAY!!! glad you are back! I have missed reading about your running/races!