Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's good to have goals

As I mentioned recently, I have a goal of running 1,200 miles this year and I'm a bit behind. So I decided to set a June goal to run 120 miles. I realize for the elite types, that's more like a weekly goal. But for me that's a pretty big month.

I announced my goal in public on the fitness forum to which I belong, which gives me the guilt/shame factor if I fail. And I must say, posting that goal has certainly proven to be motivating to me. There are many days where I'd lazily skip a run if I didn't have that goal hanging over my head.

This morning, for instance, I woke up to the delightful sounds of a thunderstorm. But instead of going back to sleep, I headed to the basement to get on the treadmill. Unfortunately, I don't really care for my treadmill so I didn't put in quite as much mileage as I should have. So, when I arrived home from work this evening I headed out into the sun and heat to get in some more mileage. That wouldn't have happened if I didn't have a goal. Sure, they were junk miles, but I still had the same endorphin rush as I would have with a more productive run. And I will get to 120 this month, dang it!

Do you set fitness goals or do you just float along and see what happens?


desertrunnergirl said...

Great job Cathy! I agree that publicly posting your goals can be really motivating. 120 miles breaks down to 30 miles/week (as I'm sure you've calculated) which is a nice strong showing!

I need to be better about setting goals. I do have a monthly number of miles I want to see when I add them up at the end of the month. I like your idea of having a yearly goal!

Cathy said...

Just curious, what's your usual monthly goal? I know you run pretty much every day!

desertrunnergirl said...

160 miles/month. I usually hit it but not always!

Cathy said...

Wow, 160 miles per month. That is awesome. I've only gone that high one time (last September).

desertrunnergirl said...

Last September: you were in major full marathon training mode!

Cathy said...

I know, and that's the only reason my mileage was that high. That's why it's so impressive to me that you achieve that pretty much every month!