Saturday, September 27, 2008

A BIG group run

Today was a Saturday morning group run with Team in Training. This is actually the first Saturday run I've been able to attend since I joined and it was a big-deal day compared to the typical group run.

Today the people who are doing fall marathons were doing their 20-mile runs (or 12-mile runs for those doing half marathons). So TNT brought ALL the training teams together from across the Detroit area at one park. And the local running store chain, Running Fit, also had a big contingent of running groups there.

It was such a huge group (hundreds of people) that the roads were actually closed down so we could do our run. And TNT set it up just like a race, with a time clock, racing numbers for everyone, and water stations set up all the way. Plus at the end, there was tons of food for everyone. (Like chocolate chip muffins which I didn't eat because I'm still working to lose weight, dang it!) All in all, it was very cool.

I only had to run six miles today so I was done early and helped hand out water for a while. I love the encouraging atmosphere of TNT.

Wait, did I just write that I "only had to run six miles?" Ha! That makes it sound like it was nothing, but six miles is still a challenge for me. This was only the second time I've run that distance and I'm happy to say that I beat last week's total time for 6 miles by nearly 3 1/2 minutes. Wooo! I was really working to push myself today.

I also checked my time at the 5k mark because I wanted to compare it to my time from last week's 5k race. I beat my time by over a minute, so I'm hopeful that in next week's Brooksie's Way 5k I'll improve on my previous race time.


runnergirl said...

That must be so awesome to be a part of a running group like that! By actually re-creating a race atmosphere they are lessening peoples' anxiety about the big day! Great post Cathy. Wendy from FF

Cathy said...

Thanks Wendy! It is a really fun experience to be part of this group.

Pam said...

Found your blog through my Google Alert for Brooksie Way. Just wanted to drop a note and wish you good luck with this week's race! I'll be out there too... have fun!

Cathy said...

Pam - Thanks for the note! Are you doing the half marathon or the 5k? Good luck to you, too!