Sunday, September 21, 2008

Training milestone

Today I was scheduled for a six-mile training run. I must admit that I was totally dreading it. Prior to today, the longest run I've had was 4.5 miles and it was pretty miserable.

It was gorgeous today, in the low 60s and sunny when I went out to run this morning. I promised myself that I could take a walk break after mile 4 and mile 5 if I wanted to. But after I turned around at mile 3 I was feeling pretty good and wasn't watching the mileage calculator any more since I was just running back to my start point. I looked at my distance and realized I'd already gone past mile 4. So I figured, may as well keep going until I get to mile 5.

But then a little while later I found I was already past mile 5. Sooo, why stop when I had less than a mile left to run? I ran it out and felt fantastic when I was done. I can't believe I ran six miles without stopping!

This afternoon, my awesome boyfriend David and I went out for a 5-mile hike. I do believe I'll be pretty sore tomorrow, but it's all good.


runnergirl said...

Yeah Cathy! Your blog is so good and it's fun to read about your progress. I'm Wendy from the Faux Fitness forum!

Cathy said...

Hey Wendy! Thanks for your kind words. You are definitely an inspiration to me.