Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taking a look at my priorities

On Sunday I did a three-mile run that was really crummy. I felt sick, I walked a bunch - it just wasn't good. There were two reasons why it went so poorly:

1) I started out way too fast. I wanted to push myself, but all I did was make myself ill.
2) I ate shortly before I headed out to run. Normally I run first thing in the morning before I eat anything, or I wait more than an hour after eating.

After that poor experience, I had to re-evaluate what my priorities are. I keep pushing myself to go faster, but I've decided that right now my main priority is getting in the running mileage I need for training. Speed has to be a secondary concern.

So tonight after work, I headed out for a six-mile run. I focused on keeping a nice, steady, reasonable pace instead of worrying about going faster, faster, faster all the time. And it was a great run. I ran the whole six miles - no walk breaks. I felt good the whole time. Yup, it was a very slow pace but I accomplished my goal of getting in the mileage I needed and feeling good while doing it.

Tomorrow morning I'm scheduled for two miles. Since it's a short run, I can push myself a little on the pace but I'm not going to get crazy.


Shanni said...

Very cool Cath. Way to not give in.

Cathy said...

Dang Shanni, you are fast. I just posted! :)