Sunday, October 19, 2008

A good Sunday run for once

More often than not, my Sunday three mile runs are kind of crappy. I wrote a bit about one of these icky runs a while back, where I determined that I was trying to go too fast and shouldn't run after eating. But even after figuring that out, I've had some poor Sunday runs. I think my legs are just more tired on Sunday after the long run on Saturday and I'm too willing to give up.

I'm happy to say that today was not one of those days. Since I wrote about how inspirational my online fitness forum friends are, I've really kept them in mind while running. I keep the blog in mind, too. I don't want to have to tell anyone that I crapped out and did unplanned walking, or anything like that. Apparently guilt is a powerful motivator for me.

I dressed too warmly today. I really should remember that if I feel comfortable at the start, then I'm going to be boiling by the end. That's what happened today - I was sweating buckets - but I just kept going. Even kept a decent pace. It was a good day.

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