Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just a quick update

I haven't had any kind of crazy running epiphanies this week or anything, so I'll just log my progress here.

Tuesday: ran 4 miles before work - used my new headlamp which is awesome and I'm so glad I bought it so I can see where the heck I'm going in the pre-dawn darkness

Wednesday: ran 3 miles before work. Headlamp is still awesome.

Today and tomorrow: no running! We had a TNT fundraiser last night at a bar. I figured I'd get home late so I had shifted my running schedule so Thursday was an off day instead of a running day. And Friday is the regular off day. I enjoy running but YAY for two days off. My quads have been pretty sore so I'm happy to give them a break before the seven mile group run that I'll be doing on Saturday.

Oh, and last night's fundraiser was fab. I love all my friends for coming out to support TNT. But after serving as guest waitress for a few hours, I learned that I could never be a waitress. Dang, is that a hard job!


dakott said...

It may be a hard job... but my waitress looked *hot*!

Anonymous said...

Cathy..You are awesome! I started reading your journey of C25K last summer..and thought..hey if she could do it then so could I. Well we know how that turned out.LOL

Cathy said...

Jo - oh you could totally do it! Please, you do much harder workouts than running all the time. All those classes you take, oy! That's not something I could do.