Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Nothing much to report. On Sunday, I planned to do five miles but I did slightly more (5.37 - don't ask me why I stopped there because I don't know). On Tuesday I was scheduled for five, but I ran six just for the hell of it.

I'm scheduled for another five tomorrow, but I'm staying up late tonight to watch the Top Chef finale so I probably won't feel like getting up early to run. And I can't run after work tomorrow because I have plans already with some friends. So, looking like Friday will be a running day instead of a day off like it's supposed to be.

On Saturday I'm hoping to get some friends to meet me at the park. My schedule calls for only four miles, but since I cut my long run short last week I may aim for 8-9 on Saturday instead. Not if I end up treadmilling it, though. I'm just not that ambitious this week.

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