Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday update

This morning I was scheduled for a 5-mile easy run, so I woke up around 4:45 and headed off to the gym. As usual, the first mile was less than fun for me. I generally start out with a lot of whiny thoughts: "my legs are tired, I don't feel like doing this today, why aren't I sleeping right now?" I usually manage to push myself to positivity after the first mile or so.

Today "Love Shack" came on the video screens right around mile 2. It's impossible for me to be in a crabby mood and listen to that song. It perked me right up and the remaining three miles were terrific.

I was trying to figure out why running on the treadmill doesn't bore me as much as it used to. I realized that it's because it gives me great thinking time. Once the initial whiny thoughts subside, I think about other things like what's going on at work, what my plans are for the day or the week, and so on. Today I was thinking about strategies to approach a plan I'm doing at work and I felt a lot better after spending that time contemplating it. Not much else to do on a treadmill besides run and think so I like to make good use of the time!

Tomorrow is a scheduled day off but I'll be getting up early anyway just to do some laundry and play with my crafty stuff. I like to get up early every day during the work week even if I'm not running that day, in hopes that keeping a consistent schedule will be better for me than constantly changing my sleep cycle. Plus I can get a lot done in those couple of hours before I have to start getting ready for work. Love to start the day feeling productive!

I should be sleeping right now, so off I go.

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