Sunday, November 30, 2008

12 miles!

This week was a little flipped around, but I did get all the training in.

On Tuesday I was supposed to run 7 miles, but I was busy with errands all day so I did the 7 miles on Wednesday instead. I did 4 miles on Thursday as planned (on a treadmill at my sister's house, where I was visiting for the weekend) and then on Friday I made up the 3 mile run that I was supposed to do on Wednesday. Confusing enough?

On Saturday I was scheduled for my first 12 mile run. Since I was still at my sister's house, I was going to do that on the treadmill. I got through it, but it was a pretty miserable experience. I'm disappointed in myself because I probably walked at least 3 of those 12 miles. Ugh. But I'm glad I got the miles in. My legs aren't as sore today as I would have expected them to be. But then again, I haven't done much of anything today, since we got home late last night (1am) and I slept in. Probably will go for a walk later today just to get a little activity in.

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Lynda said...

Keep up the great work! You are such an inspiration! Just AMAZING GIRL!