Monday, November 24, 2008

No, I haven't stopped running

I've been lazy about posting updates here this week, but I haven't been lazy about training! Here's what I've been up to since last time I posted.

Wednesday: Ran before work again. Still very cold out, but I wore two layers of pants this time and my hiking socks instead of my regular running socks. That worked out really well and I was definitely warm enough.

Saturday: Another 10-mile run with the Team in Training group. It was quite cold on Saturday, but beautifully sunny. A definite improvement over the week before with the miserable rain. Nevertheless, only four of us showed up for the run. I guess the cold was just too much for people to take. I bundled up again so the first mile was cold but after that I was fine. I'm so happy to report that the run went really well. I actually ran the whole 10 miles, unlike the week before when I walked approximately a billion times because I was feeling so gross. Not eating junk food the night before certainly helped out this time.

Sunday: I totally did not feel like running, but I did it. Sundays are just a three-mile run, but getting motivated to get out there is always hard for me for some reason. The run went just fine, though my legs were feeling pretty tired - not only because of Saturday's long run, but also because David and I power-shopped for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. Lots of activity on Saturday.

On Sunday afternoon, David and I attended a bowling fundraiser organized by a couple of TNT teammates. They were impressively well-organized and I think they raised a lot of money. They had a great turnout and it was lots of fun.

Today is a scheduled day off from running. The weather is supposed to get sloppy, snowy and slushy so I'll be sticking to that day off and not getting all ambitious. I'm on vacation from work this week, so today will be a clean out the closets day. I have lots of clothes that no longer fit (too big - YAY!) that need to be given away. The running will resume tomorrow with a seven mile run. I just hope the sloppy snowy stuff will magically disappear over night.

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