Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Much better!

I've run twice now since that miserable, rainy Saturday run and both experiences were much better.

I took a vacation day on Monday and decided to do the seven mile run that was actually scheduled for Tuesday. Much easier to get in the longer mileage when I can do it in the daylight! The run went really well. I actually ran the whole way, no walk breaks, and only had to contend with a bit of a snow flurry rather than ugly rain.

This morning I went for a three mile run before work. It is COLD at 6:15am, but I warmed up pretty quickly. I was warm everywhere except my legs. I need another layer besides my running pants. I probably should invest in some tights, but for tomorrow I'm just going to layer a pair of my running capris under my long-legged, looser running pants and hope that keeps my legs warmer.

That's it for today!

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