Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long run day!

This morning I went for a 12 mile run. I was scheduled for 8-9 miles, but I was pretty easily talked into doing 12 by some of the members of the Your Pace or Mine running club. This was my first run with YPOM.

I'd seen the club mentioned somewhere ages ago and just kind of tucked it into the back of my mind. Then a few weeks ago, I was thinking how much I miss running with a group so I remembered YPOM and found their website. They have a forum on the site. I introduced myself and received many nice, welcoming responses from the members. So when some members planned a 12 miler for today I decided to join in.

One of the members, Jo, was planning to run at the same pace as I was, so we ran together. She was great, lots of fun to run and chat with. The other members I met also seemed really nice but I didn't talk to them much since they were ahead of me and Jo.

What was also nice was that the other members were waiting for me and Jo at the end of our run to sort of cheer us to the end. I really enjoyed the whole experience and look forward to running with them again. From what I gather from reading the forum, they like to do lots of races and travel to quite a few. Awesome, because I love to travel and do races, too.

It's always great to meet some new running buddies and I get the sense that there are some folks in YPOM from whom I can learn a lot. I bet I'll get some encouragement to push myself a bit and improve my running, too.

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