Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whining about the heat!

My zip code says I live in Michigan, but the temperature says I live in Hell. Okay, so that's pathetically whiny. I'm pretty glad these days that I converted myself into an early morning runner, because there's not much chance that I'd be able to motivate myself to head out after work into the blazing sun in 90+ degree heat. On days like this, I do understand why my friend Wendy embraces her treadmill. I admire the runners I saw on my way home this evening. They have tremendous dedication.

Did 4 1/4 miles again this morning and the miracle shoes were back to being miraculous. Bunion felt just fine. Wish there were some rhyme or reason to this, but I'll just be grateful for every pain-free run I have!


desertrunnergirl said...

Gotta love the treadmill! I crank the A/C way down, point 3 oscillating fans at me and run in shorts and a sports bra (can't do that outside!!).

I bet it's still hot, even in the morning in Michigan. That heat wave looks brutal. Glad your miracle shoes are still working for you!

Cathy said...

Bah, you could totally run outside in shorts and a sports bra!

It is pretty warm here, in the low 70s at 6am when I'm out running. Supposed to be less humid starting on Friday, at least!

desertrunnergirl said...

Heck NO way! (but thanks for saying so)