Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long run whining

I met up with the running club at a local park for my long run today. My running buddy Jo and I were planning on 18 miles, though I ended up at 17 because after two loops I was tired and done.

On the plus side, I didn't have any digestive issues today. Jo gave me a package of Shot Bloks and those seemed to agree with me very well. Goodbye Gu, hello Shot Bloks! I'll need to go buy some of those this week.

On the negative side, I had a crappy run today. The first loop was good. We went out a bit faster than we should have, but were feeling good. The second loop is where I fell apart. My legs felt fine (and the bunion isn't bothering me, woo hoo!) but my feet get so sore and my attitude just went to hell. I walked a lot of the second loop and I'm pretty disgusted with myself. I spent most of the time having a mental conversation with myself where I decided that I'm not going to run either one of these damn marathons. I'll thought, I'll do the 30K with Megan and Jo over Labor Day weekend and then I'm done. Half marathons only for the future.

Later Jo told me that crappy training runs mean good races and assured me I will be fine for the marathons. I'm going to see how the 30K goes. Right now I'm in a better mental place after soaking my feet in an ice bath, but who knows how I'll feel after the 30K. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a marathon runner. I don't know. My legs feel absolutely fine, my breathing was fine. It's just that my feet ache so much on long runs and I've tried several types of shoes and it's always the same. I am so grateful that the bunion isn't bothering me, but the aching makes it really less than fun to do these distances.

So for now, I haven't given up on doing Twin Cities and NYC but I'm sorta depressed about the whole thing. I decided I need a good hilly challenge to give me something worth whining about, so I just registered for the Crim 10 mile race that takes place next Saturday. I was planning a cut-back week with a 10-mile long run anyway, and the Crim will be a good way to do it because about 40 members of the running club will be there running so it will be fun. As fun as a hilly hilly hilly race can be, anyway. If nothing else, it will be good prep for the hilly hilly hilly 30K the following weekend. :)

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