Thursday, August 12, 2010


This morning I woke up once again to a disgustingly hot and humid early-morning temperature. My schedule called for six miles, but I was already telling myself that maybe I could just do four because it was so yucky out. Plus I'm lazy.

Once I started running, I was feeling okay. Repulsively sweaty, but otherwise okay. Got barked at by a big, scary dog who had nothing but an invisible electric fence between him and my throat. Fortunately he just pawed at the ground where his invisible fence was and he didn't come after me.

Then I saw a cute black lab and also a couple of golden retrievers. Given the opportunity, they may have sniffed me but I didn't fear for my life like I did with big meanie. Anyway, I enjoyed the dogs and in the course of running along, I managed to convince myself that I could and would complete the six miles I was supposed to do. Certainly I could cut it short, but who would I be cheating? Only myself. So I did six miles.

Victory over laziness. Woo hoo!

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